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lion heart ; chapter one

Chapter title: Hello
Chapter rating: PG-13 (just to be sure).
Characters: The Doctor (11th), Rose Tyler, Ash Carlton.
Pairings: Doctor/Rose
Summary: Back on Bad Wolf Bay, the Doctor never thought he would return, so he left Rose with a false story in order to protect her. Now, he’s back, and he finds it hard to stay away from her, much less keep quiet about the true story. Slightly AU.

A/N: Here’s the second installment of Lion Heart! I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry about that.. You can find this story on both Teaspoon and if you wish to leave a review. (: This chapter features an OC (very briefly), whom I know you’ll hate, but that is the intent, ha ha. Happy reading!
Prompts: None.

Are you out there feeling lonely
Or is someone loving you?
- Hello by Lionel Richie


The Powell Estate Buildings, January 3rd 2012. The Doctor tried to ignore the pang in his right heart - it was always the weakest of the two - and followed the soft ’dings’ from his goes ’ding’ when there’s stuff machine. The TARDIS missed her little Wolf, obviously, but that was not the only reason why she had brought him here; it was easy to tell that one of the Posers were in this neighborhood. That only worsened the situation; the Doctor would be less undefeated in a place that reminded him of his precious Rose Tyler. He would be weak. 

To make matters worse, the trail let him to the exact apartment where Rose lived with her mother before he picked her up and showed her a world of wonders. The Doctor briefly wondered if he had encountered the Posers before, maybe with Rose, but he could not remember. Then again, they could be from his future; not everything happened in the right order when it came to him. But if they knew Rose, was she a part of his future? Or was she just a memory, still? 

The Doctor pushed away the thoughts and pulled out the psychic paper, ready to meet the Poser with a fake ID.

It was a regular bloke, who opened the door. His ears were a bit too big, his nose too, but otherwise he could be considered ordinary-looking. The look in his eyes was of pure surprise, and even though the Doctor looked hard, he could not see the fear he expected to find. Finally shrugging, he showed the man his ID and said with a cheerful voice, ”Hello! John Smith. Did you call for a plumber?” 

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what's the doctor who episode between season 1 and 2??

Ummm. The Christmas Invation, it’s called. It’s more like a Christmas special and yeeaah :] I just wasn’t aware that there was one for that season, haha.

lion heart ; prologue

Chapter title: Goodbye
Chapter rating: PG
Characters: The Doctor (10th and 11th), Rose Tyler.
Pairings: Doctor/Rose (10/Rose & 11/Rose + mentions of 9/Rose)
Summary: Back on Bad Wolf Bay, the Doctor never thought he would return, so he left Rose with a false story in order to protect her. Now, he’s back, and he finds it hard to stay away from her, much less keep quiet about the true story. Slightly AU.

A/N: I’d like to think this fic is not like all of the rest. At least, I have never seen a fic with the same idea as mine. First chapter is more like an introducer to the AU aspect of this story, however the story will soon enough pick up. Fair warning; I do not have a Beta - but I do hope you’ll enough the story anyway. Let me know what you think!
Prompts: None. Feel free to leave some for the future chapters!

So far, forever sounds good to me
- We Got Us by Canaan Smith


“This is Emergency Programme One. Rose, now listen. If this message has been activated, it can only mean one thing,” a skinny ghost on the windy beach began, his voice sounding a lot like a robot’s. The woman called Rose looked at him in shock, wide-eyed. Blonde locks of hair framed her face, and she barely noticed the ones straying to her eyes and lips. To her, all that was important in this world was that man. He was her Doctor.

Since she came to this universe and started having those dreams, Rose had known he would come back. But not like this, never like this.

“Please don’t,” she whispered, knowing his speech by heart. Ever since the Game Station, she had not been able to get those words out of her head.

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“I love you, you stupid idiot,”

- upcoming fic; Lion Heart

this is nOT OKAY

this is nOT OKAY

anyway, here is a list of a few plot bunnies running around in my head (i have not forgotten about the prompts i recieved some time ago, but my muse goes ‘poof’ when i try and write something for them);

• The Doctor (11) traces an ancient alien to an apartment in the Powell Estate building and is met by an unfamiliar face. However, further investigation beings him face-to-face with a Wolf, who thinks him dead, and suddenly the Doctor’s mission is very complicated. Especially when it turns out that her new pretty boy is a dangerous alien. AU since the Doctor told Rose that he’d died, in Doomsday, and it disregards Rose’s scenes in season 4.

• The Ponds are gone forever, and in a crazy attempt to be somewhat closer to them, the Doctor travels to 1996, London, meaning to stay in Manhattan. Lost and brokenhearted, the Doctor wanders the streets, until a 10-year-old bumps into him. Blonde hair, bright smiles and bonecrashing slaps - those three things were always what the Doctor expected from the Tylers, and that is exactly what he gets. It’s debatable whether it’s AU or not, most would probably say it is.

• The Evil Queen puts the Doctor (10 or 11) under a sleeping curse, and he is now haunted by his regrets. And his biggest regret was always letting her go.

• The Doctor (11) finds a 16-year-old Rose Tyler by a coincidence. They instantly click, and he can’t help himself when she asks him out for chips. He tells himself that it will only be a one-time thing, but then things escalate, and the Doctor is not sure if he can bring himself to disappear before leather-him show up… (an: i already have an idea for a short sequel)

• The DoctorDonna never happened, but the DoctorRose did. Not that she remembers.

• Rose and the Doctor (10) make a bet; who will get the most bananas (local way of showing someone that you’re interested in them) by only using bad and cheesy pickup lines as conversation starters?

… okay i realize that i need to work more on a few of these to get the plots right (plus, i might throw away that DoctorRose thing, because i really like - LOVE - Donna, and i feel like i’m not honoring her character by having someone else take her place). however, i do have quite a few ideas for each and everyone of these. how about you like this post if you like any of the ideas, and you maybe leave a comment or an ask, stating which fic you’d like to see the most?

… or, if you’d like, we could rp a plot?

wow. i just wrote a long post, telling you guys how awful i am, how crazy life is, and my newest plot bunnies. and tumblr just deleted it. huh. i’ll type something new when i’m done flipping all of the nearest tables.

got caught up in doctor who and secret diary of a call girl episodes, whoops. but look at the bright side; i have now watched one episode with the 11th incarnation of the doctor, so i should get his character a bit straighter from now on hopefully [:

that awesome moment when you realize that there’s a doctor who episode between season 1 and 2 (aka an episode filled with shipper-moments) you haven’t watched :D

like a circus (drabble)

Title: Like a Circus
Rose Tyler, River Song, the Doctor (eleven)
Summary: Trying to find her way to the Doctor, who is somewhere in the Medusa Cascade, Rose finds out just how unpredictable the dimension cannon is. Pre-Journey’s End; very close to canon.
A/N: Pretty sure you didn’t expect this scene, istilltrustinpeople, but what can I say; it’s the cold, it makes my brain and muse function quite oddly. [: Actually, this fits in right after my planned one-shot. Huh. Also, thanks for the follow<3 I hope I don’t disappoint!

istilltrustinpeople: i think it will be awesome if you write some eleven/rose and river (if you know river) haha :3 i would like it

Dimension-jumping was unpredictable business. One moment, Rose was standing in a crowded library - which had statues with actual, human faces on - and the next she made her way through an even bigger crowd to get out of a circus tent. She huffed out a breath, annoyed with her current situation. Her Doctor needed her, and - most importantly - she needed him, but even though she was sure that he was around somewhere (Rose had set the canon to find the time stuff, and then send her that way), she needed to be there in the right time, too. The time-traveller at this circus didn’t necessarily have to be the Doctor, Rose reminded herself, not wanting to get her hopes up. Either way, she should probably get going; she wouldn’t risk the walls closing in before she found him. Her dad was still stuck in the parallel world, and she wanted to at least say goodbye, if she ever found her madman.

Rose was just about to press the button on her ‘watch’ - which looked a lot like her friend, Jack’s, time-travelling device - when someone poked her on the shoulder. Surprised, Rose turned around and was faced with an unfamiliar woman. Her hair was gathered in a practical ponytail, and she was wearing some suit. There were dark smudges on her cheeks, and red ones around her lips. She was wearing an almost crazy smile, as if she had just cheated death somehow, and Rose was instantly intrigued. The suit was pretty odd too, and didn’t fit very well with the 21st century clothes, which everyone else was wearing, Rose included.

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